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Canada $18.95 Flate Rate Shipping

The $18.95 Flat Rate shipping promotions apply to all locations within Canada. Truck freight items or orders that would normally ship by truck are not included and will be quoted. Free and Flat Rate orders will typically be shipped via UPS or US Postal Service (our choice). Our shipping experts determine the most efficient route to get your items to you as quickly as possible. There will be cases, although rare, where some items may take 7+ days in transit. Shipping changes including address change, rerouting, etc., may be subject to a $25 service fee per shipment.

Thanks to NAFTA, Canadians do not pay duty on most items manufactured in America or Mexico. However, buying an item from a US site does not mean it was manufactured there. Keep in mind, that items may have been imported into the US, which means you will need to pay duty when it comes to Canada. The duty you pay on goods will depend on the type of product, what it's made of and where it was made. The majority of everything you import into Canada is subject to 5% GST. This will be calculated after custom duties have been applied.

Additionally, you may also need to pay your provincial sales tax, which varies depending on the province in which you reside. For those who live in provinces with a Harmonized Sales Tax, you will be charged HST rather than GST and your provincial sales tax. Customs brokers fees can catch you off guard, so be prepared. Couriers and shipping services like FedEx and UPS use customs brokers to send packages through Canadian customs at the border. These fees then get passed along to you.

Canada Post will generally charge a $9.95 handling fee per package that has been assessed with import duties and taxes. If the item you purchased is duty-free or tax exempt, this fee will likely be waived.

Brokers fees for courier companies such as Purolator or DHL tend to be much higher than what Canada Post charges. These companies can add it on top of the cost for the courier service you selected. When selecting shipping to Canada, always check whether the customs brokers fees are included. If it not listed, you can always call us and we would be happy to inform you if any additional brokers fees may apply on the items being delivered.